Thington's concierge helps you
get the most from your smart devices

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A better way to a smarter home

Why is it that smart homes often seem so dumb?
Because they make you do all the hard stuff!
Setting everything up, creating complicated rules,
logging everyone in to the same account.
That's why we made Thington...

Easy set-up

Get Thington connected to your smart devices' apps in seconds


The Concierge looks out for ways to make your life better and suggests them


Simple text updates tell you who changed the temperature or what the concierge did

Universal Control

Control all your devices from one simple unified remote control


Choose which friends can control stuff when they’re visiting

A world of things

Connect your things in your home to things in the world
 around you.


Chats to you and asks you questions

Setting up your smart home can seem a bit intimidating.

But the Thington Concierge can lead you through the whole process just by chatting to you.

Get the smart home of your dreams with no programming required!


Helps to set up and control your things

The concierge uses your phone to scan for your devices, and helps you set them up.

Then you can control them all via one universal remote control.


Suggests ways your devices could work harder for you

No more fighting for hours to make something work.

Thington finds the right ways for your devices to work together and offers them to you when it makes most sense.


Makes things work better for your friends

Thington gives your home a Guestlist. If you add your friends to your Guestlist then they can control your stuff - but only when they’re actually at your house!

And if you change your mind you can take away their access at any time.


Lets you connect to the wider world

Link up your devices to local and public information from weather stations, public transit and bike hire stations. We’re adding new feeds all the time.

Thington works with all kinds of things

Thington can control many devices from the
biggest and best connected device companies
and we add more all the time.
No extra hardware or hubs required!

See a full list of supported devices