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Thington Inc. announces funding to build a new way to interact with a world of connected objects

SAN FRANCISCO — Mar. 16 2015 — Thington Inc. today announced angel funding from some of tech’s big names to help it build out a friendly new way to interact with the Internet of Things.

The San Francisco-based company, founded by Dopplr founder Matt Biddulph and ex-Yahoo Brickhouse Head of Product Tom Coates is building out a new consumer-facing product that combines Smart Home technology with their expertise in location, social networks and the web of data.

“Soon every new home appliance and device will be connected to the Internet,” said Tom Coates, Co-founder. “To make the most of this new hardware, we need new software. With Thington we’re working to bring out value of this technology and make this new world more humane, comprehensible and useful to everyone.”

The company’s angel investors include Ray Ozzie, Stewart Butterfield, Eric Wahlforss, Joi Ito, Marko Ahtisaari, Saul Klein, Loic Le Meur, Matt Rolandson and Samantha Tripodi.

Thington Inc. was founded as new product development studio ‘Product Club’ in 2012 and renamed and relaunched itself as an Internet of Things start-up in 2014.