Our Desktop App

The Thington Desktop App:

Some connected devices, including those made by Belkin WeMo, don't currently give us access to their cloud APIs. To allow these devices to be remotely controlled by Thington, we have made a downloadable app that you can run on any computer inside your network – for example, a home Mac Mini or iMac.


  • Make sure you've already download the Thington app for iPhone and made an account on it. Otherwise the desktop app won't know who you are.
  • Then download and install the Thington Desktop App. The latest version is "0.0.15" and you can download it for the following platforms:
  • Launch the Desktop app and login with your Twitter account
  • Go back to Thington for iPhone, tap on 'Your Profile', scroll down to 'Add a new thing' and tap on WeMo
  • Leave the desktop app running - it will talk to the devices in your home and be a relay to Thington on the Internet.

We recommend adding the Thington app to your login or start-up items on your computer and leaving the computer running at all time.


If you're a hacker or hardware enthusiast that is playing with Raspberry Pis, then ping us on Twitter! We've made a version of the code that runs on those and is really awesome once you've done the slightly complicated set-up.